Monday, 11 August 2008

Title...what title?....I can't think of one.

I've been working on this quilt top for a while now. It's been quite slow progress as I'll do some and then go onto something else for a while. Saying that I have enjoyed doing it but I like to have a change and have a few things on the go at once.

I have used a quilt from a kaffe Fassett book for inspiration, this being my interpritation of the one in the book. I can't remember which of his books it was as it's gone back to the library now.

I love the colours he uses and how he is not concerned about light, medium and dark fabrics but how they look together.

The colours are brighter than in the pictures. I took some yesterday afternoon and even with the flash they were too dark and these were taken in the sun this morning and they are too light, I can't seem to get it right.

I've been lucky enough to recieve these awards from two lovely ladies. This one from the lovely sarah

And this one from the lovely Oge.

I am supposed to nominate other blogs for the awards but please accept the blogs in my bloglist in the side bar as my nominations without me actually nominating them. I love reading them all. I hope this is Ok and that I haven't been a spoil sport!

Thanks again girls - I've called you ladies once and that's enough !!!!

Lucy requested I share the runner bean chutney recipe. It's not a secret family recipe, I don't know where Grandma and Grandpa got it from. You need a lot of runner beans so of course the recipe can be halved if needed. It made about 4 jam jars and a large coffee jar full.


2 lbs runner beans (when trimmed and sliced)
1½ lbs onions (when chopped)
1 heaped tablespoon of cornflour
1 tablespoon of turmeric
1 heaped tablespoon of dry mustard
1 lb Demerara sugar
1 lb soft brown sugar
1½ pints of vinegar (white or malt - I used white, they use malt)

Cook sliced beans in well-salted water until tender.
Cook chopped onions in ½pint of the vinegar.
Mix dry ingredients to smooth paste with a little of the vinegar.
Strain cooked beans, then add rest of vinegar and cook for 10 minutes.
Add the sugar and the rest of the ingredients.
Boil until until the chutney starts to thicken. ( mine wasn't quite thick enough so I added more corn flour).

Bye for now, Maria.


Sal said...

I love your patchwork. I also love Kaffe Fassett fabric ;-)

Stephanie said...

Your quilt is beautiful...I love how the colors blend.

Lucy Locket-Pocket said...

Thanks for the recipe - I'll be trying it out soon! Lucy x

Karol-Ann said...

Cool quilt! And Yum recipe! Pity we don't get to taste all these yummy things on blogs!

Marie said...

Maria, I love your little pink quilt it is so precious. Hope your vacation was wonderful we will have one next week. I like your receipes too. Have a good day. blessings and hugs, Marie

Jackie said...

Its always good to have a quilt on the go!Lovely.

Little Mysteries said...

Your quilt looks gorgeous. Beautiful colours and pattern. Very dreamy.
Congrats on your awards

picperfic said...

Oh I love runner bean chutney! Thank you for the recipe! I used to do one by Gary Rhodes I think. Beautiful quilting, as usual I am in awe!

jo said...

Only just found your blog. Love the quilts and the bags aren't bad either. Will be back to read more later.


Bec said...

This quilt is coming along well, I am looking forward to seeing it finished. I saw your first post with what I think had the inspiration picture, gorgeous!
Love the colours too.
Bec xxx