Wednesday, 17 September 2008

Bags aren't just for the girls!

This is what I made with the fabric I showed you in my last post.
We borrowed my Dad's sat.nav. on our recent holiday in France. As he didn't have a bag or case for it I thought I'd make him one.
It has a little pocket on the inside to keep the sat.nav. unit in and the wires go in the main part of the bag.

I spent some of yesterday at a sewing friend's house. We sometimes have a sewing session while the children are at school. When I got home I went to my bag to get my rotary cutter out and IT WASN'T THERE! I'd left it on her sewing table. I'm sure you sewers out there must understand what a trauma it was to discover this. I'm not seeing her until Monday and I can't last that long without it so I've got to drive over to her work today to collect it. She lives about 35 mins away from here so luckily her work is closer.

Bye for now, Maria.


Primrose Corner said...

That's a great bag! Love the fabric combinations too. Jx

Stephanie said...

Very manly bag! Love it.

Jude said...

I agree, I'm sure he'll be chuffed to bits!!

wonderwoman said...

i bet h e'll love it, especially as you made it for him - i know what you mean about the rotary cutter - would be lost without mine!


Sarah said...

Hey Marie

Well done!

When you want to do something there is always something that makes it twice as long to make!

picperfic said...

brilliant idea...Barry sat nav cover has a broken zip...I might make a felted bag for his.

em's scrapbag said...

Love your bag. What a great gift for your dad.

Apron Thrift Girl said...

Hi Maria. I emailed you for the swap but it bounced back for some reason. I hope it is okay to post my email here.

Hi Maria,
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details below that would be lovely. When the swap is closed I will
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Thanks so much! I'm so glad that you are taking part in our swap.

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Helena said...

Nice bag!
And I understand you, who can live without a rotary cutter?

Things Hand Made said...

Thats a really stylish bag. I love the fabric choices.

Karol-Ann said...

This is a great bag for your Dad!
So is your swap bag - very pretty!
No rotary cutter would be traumatic :-)