Sunday, 16 November 2008

Red and Aqua Swap

This blog post comes with a health warning: You may wish to wear sunglasses before looking at the pictures!

I seem to have done most of my posts about swaps recently as most of my sewing time seems to have been taken up with them. The Red and Aqua swap posted by Apron Thrift Girl and Peas and Bees has been great fun. I was partnered with Jemma from monkey make do, also from the UK. It was a direct swap which I enjoyed as it was fun to be in contact with your partner throughout the swap and you knew you could trust them to fulfill their side of the deal.

I returned home in the dark from taking my son swimming on Thursday afternoon and there waiting for me was my parcel. I had left a note taped to the front door asking the post man to put the parcel round the side of the house as I couldn't have beared for it to have been taken back to the depot!

Jemma made a beautiful job of wrapping the goodies in the colour theme of the swap.
She enclosed a note saying that the small parcel was something pretty for me to wear. In this parcel I found a gorgeous silver and aqua bracelet.

The note said that the middle-sized parcel was something to keep me warm. In this package I found a beautiful soft scarf. It is in a twisted design and has a sweet, red velvet ribbon woven down the middle. Sorry about the picture.

The large package was a fabulous selection of sewing goodies as Jemma said she new I love to sew. The little boxes have been painted and contain some funky buttons.

Thanks Jemma. I was thrilled to receive your gifts.

We were asked by the organisers if we have any particular preferences. Jemma said she likes 1950's style and polka dots so I kept this in mind when collecting my items for the swap.

I won't go through eveything but here is what I sent her.
I managed to find some fabric with a 1950's kitchen theme as I learned from looking at Jemma's blog that she likes cooking.

Below is a bag I made for her. I couldn't find any polka dot fabric but managed to find some with little red dots. When I was making the bag I kept thinking that it looked rather bright but as I kept telling myself this was the theme of the swap!

Jemma has written a lovely account of the swap on her blog.

Thanks to those ladies who left quilting suggestions for my quilt on the last post. My machine didn't want to play the game with free motion quilting so I've gone for a rather boring grid pattern.

I am feeling the urge to make a christmas lap quilt/throw as I have some christmas fabric to use up so I may start that as well.

Bye for now, Maria.


Apron Thrift Girl said...

Everything looks beautiful, both what you received and what you gave. I think the bag is just gorgeous.

wonderwoman said...

what lovely gifts for both of you!! the scarf looks gorgeous and so does your bag!


Simone de Klerk said...

I love the images on the kitchen and is it Paris fabrics!!! Where do you get those? Also love what you made and received. Love the bag you made (O: Beautiful.

Primrose Corner said...

Goodness haven't you done well. You were right to advise sunglasses - those colours would shake the drab out of the dreary weather we're having at the moment. That necklace is gorgeous too I absolutely love stuff it.