Tuesday, 8 July 2008

Anna Tunic. (Amy Butler Pattern).

This is my tunic I recently made from the Amy Butler "Anna Tunic" pattern.
It is from one of her fabrics "Cherry full moon polka dot".
I altered the shoulders slightly as I have narrow shoulders and they stuck out too much on me.
I also made my tunic quite short. I was very impressed with myself as I made a muslin first which was good as I discovered the thing about the shoulders and could work out the alteration on it although I didn't really know what I was doing.
The tunic has sweet covered buttons on the back but you can't really see them on this photo.

I have started to make a bag from this fabric and another Amy Butler fabric, which I have made a skirt from, - I really must finish it.

I think I must be more vain than I realised.
Firstly I removed my age from my profile as I didn't like seeing it in black and white ( or any colour!) that I am now 40!
Secondly I held my stomach in as far as I could for the photo. I was planning to go to a pilates class this morning but have spent so long looking at blogs that I haven't got time to get there now. At this rate I'll be having to pull my stomach in even more.


This Vintage Life... said...

Hi Maria,
Thanks for stopping by (thanks also from Jack) I can tell you're going to have a lovely blog. I'm green with envy at anyone who can sew like you..I'm very amateurish....and oh! To be able to make your own clothes, how fab.
(I thought I was the only person who pulled their tum in for photos heehee!)
Deb x

Sarah said...

HI Maria,

Oh I think I am going to like this blog to : ). Love the pics on the side. I really like what you did to your garden. Thank you for popping in my blog on the other end of the world - looks like we are in it for the same reason - hope to see you again : >


shabby chic said...

Hi Maria,
A warm welcome to blogland, i am sure you will enjoy it and you will get used to visiting various blogs and dropping in and making friends. Its all good fun!, and taking part in various things too !
You are clever to have made a top, I could only dream of doing something like that . I wouldnt know how!
The picyure is my garden , but it didnt always look so serene, we had mini diggers in ten years ago as it resembled a dump when we first moved in, but with years of love(dont look at the edges though or up the back of the garden! as it is big time weedy! camera does good angles
take care and will drop by soon again x Dominique

Jennie said...

Hi Maria, thanks for stopping by my blog and your lovely comment! Can't wait to see more of your posts!! Love the top it's so pretty.
(I can't make clothes to save my life!)

K&S City Girl said...

Hi! I love you garden. We live in a flat so we only have a small balcony.

I also have the same Amy Butler fabric which I'm also thinking of turning into a bag, but have not had to time to start. Looking forward to seeing your one. I'm sure you will beat me to it.


Kris said...

Hi! I came here from Sarah's blog. I love your photos. Very pretty. I love to sew. Everything from clothes to quilts. Come visit my blog and have a look at my stuff!

Stephanie said...

Hahaha. I pull my stomach in too (it's a natural reaction whenever the camera is pulled out!).

I love your tunic. That fabric looks great in that style. It fits you very well too!

Katy said...

oh..you are just to clever...I'm off to sulk!

Sal said...

Hi..thanks for visiting my blog!!
Nice to know that you bought fabric from me!! I stil sell it but not on ebay. Have fun ;-)

saraeden said...

I love the top and the fabrics one of my faves !!!
I know what you mean about the 40 thing oh and the stomach thing too ;0)
Sara x

oge said...

Hi Maria

Really coool. i might get that pattern now :-)