Saturday, 20 June 2009

Camper van bag.

A friend's daughter is a huge fan of camper vans. I've made her this bag from Heather Ross's Camper Van fabric.

I've lined it in a Laura Ashley yellow gingham. I hope she likes it.

We have been having some problems with Internet Explorer 8 and in trying to work out what is wrong deleted the original publishing of this post along with to six comments. Thanks to those six commenters for leaving a comment. Has anybody else had problems with IE 8 and blogger?


Anonymous said...

Sorry I use Mozilla as we gave up a long time ago on Internet Explorer.

The bag is fantastic- I have a soft spot for VW vans even if they are notorious at breaking down.

I hope the renovations are going ok.

Sew Create It - Jane said...

I have read about a few people having trouble with IE8 and many are switching to firefox. (it's a better browser in my opinion :o)

Love the bag...very nice...and the photos look great ;o)

our shabby cottage said...

Love the fabric you have used for the bag!

sewkalico said...

Gorgeous bag!

Jackie said...

Touch problems. I use firefox. The camper van bag is great.