Sunday, 14 June 2009


Ever since we moved into this house over two years ago we've planned to re-decorate our living room and this weekend we started. It's quite a big job as there was a large brick fireplace to remove and all the paint needs to be scraped back to the plaster before re-painting.

They say you know that you're getting old when policemen look young but I suppose this must be true with tradesmen too!

There is a sewing related reason for telling you this - unfortunately the re-decorating means that I'll just HAVE to make a new quilted throw to match the new decor as my old one doesn't match and I'll need new cushions too. Oh dear me, it's such a shame!

I plan to use these fabrics for the throw as they co-ordinate with my dining room quilt and the dining room leads off from the living room.

Some were kindly sent to me from Kelli who was my partner in the recent doll quilt swap. I bought the pink ones from Julia's shop Gone To Earth where I received a fantastic, super quick service. I received the parcel less than 24hrs after ordering.

"But you haven't finished your last quilt yet" I hear you cry. I know but I can plan can't I?

Whilst on the subject of decorating I thought I'd mention that my brother (who now lives in America), and his wife had their beautiful home featured in the American magazine Better Homes and Gardens. They have done so much work on the place and have completely renovated it. We haven't visited yet but plan too in the next year or two.

I may be biased but I think it looks so stylish. They are both talented graphic designers so have a great eye for good design. Just realised I've missed a picture of the kitchen........will add it later.
Bye for now and hope to be back soon with some finished sewing, Maria.


Stephanie said...

I don't have my copy yet but will definitely get it next time I'm out. Congrats to your brother for being featured.

Well I just love Amy Butler and those colors are so pretty. How wonderful to get to redecorate.

Anonymous said...

great fabirc, I'll be excited to see the finished room!


looks like a lot of work. But i am sure it will look Code example: great.

Sherri said...

Love the fabrics...sounds like a great reason to make a new quilt! And congrats to your brother and his family for the feature!

Sal said...

What a great shame you will need new cushions and a throw..tee hee!
I always love it when we redecorate as it always means new accessories...naturally!
Have a good week ;-)

MarmaladeRose said...

Poor you all that mess but I'm sure it will be worth it. Looking forward to seeing the new quilt and cushions.