Monday, 1 June 2009

Sewing.........what sewing?

Despite the fact that I sew love to sew I haven't done any sewing for about ten days. I made a bag as a comission for a friend of my Mum's but forgot to take a photo of it.

The quilt I showed in my last post is ready for quilting and I can't wait to get it done but there seems to be an invisible wire keeping me away from my machine. I'm sure it will disapear soon as I have loads of things I want to make wizzing around in my head.

Last week I received my doll quilt swap from Kelli from Tasmania who has a lovely blog called Willowdale. The quilt is super cute and is only the second quilt that Kelli has made. She was really worried that I wouldnt like it but there was need to worry as I do, it's adorable. Kelli also bought me some fabulous fabrics which I have plans for but more of that another time.

Sorry about the photo, I think I've lightened it too much.

As I've not got much in the way of sewing to show I'll show you some pictures of our new sitting area in our garden where, as we are having glorious weather in England at the moment, I sat and ate my breakfast and lunch today.

A few months ago this part of the garden was full of junk but we've recently transformed it into a pretty place where I love to sit.

I'm really pleased with the colour we painted the shed. The fence behind could do with a lick of paint too............when we get round to it.
I decided to put some bunting around the shed. We keep my son's garden toys in it so he sees it as his shed. I had a string of really pretty pink bunting left over from when I used to make it to sell and I started to hang this up but he got really upset at having pink bunting up so I had to use blue 'boy's' bunting instead. I think the pink looked much better but never mind. I appear to be the only person who likes pink in this house.

Hopefully I'll have some sewing to show soon.
Bye for now, Maria.


Stephanie said...

Cute little quilt. The birds are so sweet. What a pretty place to sit and have tea. I want a pink house when we retire but somehow I think Mr. Creations will object.

Annemariesquilt said...

Lovely swap gift you have got, and it is her second quilt. I am amazed..
Beautiful pics from your garden. Take care.

Kris said...

Lovely quilt! That invisible wire seems to be keeping me from my machine too. Funny how we seem to get so busy that we give up the very thing that gives us joy! I hope you get to your machine soon!

Sherri said...

Such a great small quilt...and your garden area is sooo lovely! Ten days is a long time not to sew...hope you get some good sewing time in soon!

Amanda said...

The weather here in the UK has been just too lovely to spend time in doors if you can help it - and too hot outdoors for any hand sewing, so I haven't done much either. Love your shed, and your seating area - let's hope we get plenty of opportunities this year to enjoy our gardens without window glass in the way!

Anonymous said...

The quilt is so pretty.

Well done on getting your garden tidied up. I did ours and overflowed the wheelie bin with weeds. (Shame) I think the garden had needed doing for quite a while.

The shed looks really good and the bunting so sweet. Glad you son liked the boy bunting.

Rachel said...

What a gorgeous little quilt! And your garden looks beautiful too!

Simone de Klerk said...

What a very cute quilt you received! And I love the finish of your garden. So nice to have it all ready for the summer.