Tuesday 24 September 2013

S'more Love Quilt Top.

Thanks to the ladies of the Siblings Together Bee I've received all my blocks back very speedily and I've now pieced them together.

Aren't those fabrics cute? As I've mentioned before they're S'more Love by Cosmo Cricket for Moda Fabrics and all the fabrics for the quilt tops for this charity bee have been donated by Moda.
I'm planning on adding a light bright, narrow border and then a pieced border from the S'more Love.

The backing for the quilt has been kindly donated by Sew Fresh Fabrics and it arrived today. It's Type by Julia Rothman for Windham Fabrics.

It's such a coincidence that Sew Fresh Fabrics are based in Ipswich, MA, USA and I'm from Ipswich, UK. Wikapedia tells me that Ipswich Massachusetts was named after Ipswich, Suffolk, UK in 1634. Just a bit of trivia for you.

Last time I showed a photo of some unexpected autumnal roses from my garden. Today it's the turn of the poppy. These beauties self seeded and have managed to put on a show before the weather turns really cold.


Monday 16 September 2013

Where's my Quilt Mum?

Ages ago I asked my son if he would like me to make him a quilt. He answered correctly by saying that he would.....he probably would have got one anyway even if his answer was no!
We chose the fabrics and I showed him lots of pictures of all different styles of quilt but he insisted that he just wanted squares. Well I couldn't just make a squares quilt for him could I? So I sugessted throwing some rectangles in too and he agreed. I used the Magic Numbers block tutorial by sew katy did, but I changed the sizes and added in rectangles.

So here it is in all it's unquilted glory, well nearly as some of it is draped over the washing line!
I must admit I finished the top a few weeks ago and the poor boy has been asking when his quilt will be finished. When his mother pulls her finger out and quilts the thing, that's when!

Just in case those colours aren't girly enough for some of you here's a picture of the last flush of roses from my garden. They smell wonderful in the room. I didn't expect to see any more blooms now autumn's here.


Tuesday 10 September 2013

Buzzy, Buzzy Bees.

The Siblings Together quilting bee's August bee was Collette. She sent us all strips of fabric from the Road 15 range by Sweetwater, as always donated by Moda, with which we were asked to make a Woven ribbons block. 

Collette has since finished the quilt which is fabulous. You can take a look at it here. It will make such a wonderful gift for a child in care who has been seperated from his or her siblings. The children are presented with the quilts at Summer camps arranged by the Siblings Together charity.

September is my month! The fabric I'm using is a super cute range called S'more Love by Cosmo cricket for Moda. I debated for ages on what block to ask for. As there's quite a lot of directional fabric in the range such as the rows of owls and campers and cars I went for a block with simple rectangles and squares which wouldn't need turning. The block is called Stepping Stairs by John Q Adams from the book Shape Workshop for Quilters by Fat Quarterly. The block in the book uses solid fabric for the squares so I picked out some of the less patterned fabrics and used those as a replacement for the solids.

The wadding for the quilt, and the other eleven quilts being made by the bee,  is being donated by Lady Sew and Sew and the backing for 'my' quilt by Sew Fresh Fabrics. Once I've received those and the blocks from the other bees then it's time to put the quilt together. These aren't just adverts below, they're all the generous companies who've donated the fabrics and wadding for to the bee.




Work has been going on on the Strip Bees quilts. The quilt tops have all had two strips added now and we're all about to add the third. I've just added to Julie's strip and have now sent it to Fran for her to add a strip. We agreed to not show what we've added but sneak peeks are allowed so here is a peek at what I've added to Julie's quilt top. I don't think that gives too much away.