Tuesday 31 December 2013

Tulips Cushion.

Last year I made my Mum and Dad a bed quilt for Christmas and this year I thought it would be fun to make a cushion to go with it as a Christmas gift.
After spending a morning being my usual indecisive self scouring the internet and all my patchwork books looking for the perfect  pattern / block(s),  I eventually found a pattern which I immediately knew would be just right. It was a sweet paper pieced pattern by Kristy at Quite play which I purchased from her Craftsy store.

I only had a small amount of fabric left over from the original quilt (which can be seen in the background) so I used it for the border and used fabrics from my stash for the rest. 
It was a great pattern to make but I can't seem to get through a paper pieced pattern without making loads of really silly mistakes! I love the finished result though.
Bye for now,

Sunday 29 December 2013

Friendship X and + swap. November, part two.

I've received Jane's November and December blocks for the Friendship + and x swap.

Aren't they fabulous? Here they are with the blocks I sent her, will be sending her soon. It's OK, she knows I'm sending them with the December blocks.

Here are both our sets of blocks together.

Our colours for December are yellow, blue and navy so have a completely different look to these. The two sets of blocks look great mixed up together.
As I explained in my last post there are a possible twenty colour combinations from our palette so for the remaining months of the swap we decided it would be fun to pick two colour combinations each month and make two blocks from each.
For January we've chosen:
red, blue, navy
blue, yellow, green.