Sunday 7 September 2008

A duchess, a stately home and cornish pasties!

I'm hoping to go to the cinema soon to see the new Kiera Knightly film "The Duchess".

One of my reasons for wanting to see the film is some scenes were filmed at Holkham Hall in Norfolk.

We visited Holkham this summer. It is a beautiful stately home on the North Norfolk coast set in gorgeous grounds with a lake and wild deer roaming freely. The interior is beautiful and is lovingly kept by the owners, the Earls of Leicester. The Viscount Coke and his young family live in the hall in private quarters but they use some of the rooms in the main hall at times. We were told that guests had stayed in one of the very grand bedrooms the weekend before. The room has a fabulous four poster bed and an amazing en-suite bathroom with a huge bath in the middle of the room.

My son took the picture below. Not bad for a six year old. When I first saw the picture above I thought it was the same conifer but now I look closer I don't think it is.

They also have a museum at the hall with lots of old exhibits including carriages, fire engines, farm machinery, kitchen equipment, etc.
I particularly loved these old sewing machines. Not a Bernina in sight.

Here is another peak at the bag I'm making for the bag swap. It's not finished yet and is supposed to be posted by Friday - I think I know what I'll be up to this week!

I'm being spoilt this rainy Sunday afternoon, hubby is in the Kitchen making Cornish pasties for tea. He saw them being made on the "Hairy Bikers" programme and wanted to have a go. He's never made pastry before - he's in the kitchen with Delia learning how. Should be interesting!!!

Bye for now, Maria.


Marie said...

Oh Maria send me some pastries, sounds so good right about now. We are hopeing that "Ike" skirts off the gulf coast and leaves us alone on the east coast. Should know more by tomorrow. Your bag is beautiful, that will be a lucky gal too. I love the one that Anne sent me it is so nice and lots of room.thanks for checking in . blessings, Marie

Margaret said...

Cornish pasties, sounds good to me. When I was in England I hadd to have a bath bun in Bath Pastie in Cornwell. Your bag is nice and I liked your blog before this one.

Lindsey said...

Hiya. Don't know how I've missed you before, but have come to visit after your comment on my blog.
Your quilts are soo gorgeous. Scrummy! So is your blog. I've subscribed so I don't miss you in future.

I've managed to miss every episode of Hairy Bakers apart from the bread one. They are such great blokes. One of very few progs that make me laugh out loud. :o)

Carol said...

Hi Maria, oh no the dreaded kit! I refuse to touch any of it, far too smelly!
I am still waiting to see the last film that Kiera was in, The Edge Of Love. I missed it at the cinema so I will have to buy the DVD! Hubby msking pasties sounds super, don't you just love it when they cook!
Carol x

wonderwoman said...

i hope the pasties turned out okay - lots of brownie points for hubby there - can't see mine having a go! the bag swap pic looks lovely - gorgeous colours. am hoping to go see the keira film too when it comes our way - i just love all those costumes!

Days and colors said...

I sure would like to try some cornish pastries! I think your bag for the swap is going to be a pretty one! I love the old sewing machines, they are so beautiful! I have some at home, the toys one are my little treasures. Thanks for dropping by! I have enjoyed reading your posts.

s. said...

oh my goodness. i haven't even heard of this movie! i will totally have to see it! i love anything set in England! i so wish i had the accent ;)

Sarah said...

uhhhh I really like the look of you bag so far!

So were the pasteries nice? Must get my hubby to watch that show - might inspire him to make a meal?!

Pretty cool isnt it when you have been some where and then thee is a film made. We were at a place in Melbourne and then a crew arrived and started to film stuff - we hung around and crew chatted while we sipped hot chocolate - trying to stretch our time there (grin). Have not heard of that film - wonder if it will make it down under?

The Naturalist's Daughter said...

Holkham looks gorgeous, and sounds like a fascinating place to visit. Love the pic your son took, its very good. Those log cabin blocks look great, such beautiful colours...
Pasties sound very nice, hope they were good.

Knit Sew City Girl said...

Oh, have you been following the Two Hairy Biker's programme? The cornish pasties looked really yummy....I'm hungry now.

The bag is looking good. :>