Thursday 3 September 2009


Thought I would show a few pics of our recent trip to Cornwall. We stayed in Newquay, I was rather worried about staying there as lots of youngsters go there for surfing and lots of partying but we found it to be OK.

We stayed in this lovely house nestled into the cliffs overlooking Newquay bay.

Here it is from one of the beaches. You can see some fishing boats going into the little harbour.

This little chap and his (or her) friends live in the harbour and follow the fishing boats after food.

The weather was mixed but mostly dry. A certain little boy spent lots fun time body boarding. I'm afraid his Mummy was a wimp and didn't venture into the sea at all! It was too cold for me.

I can't remember what this beach was called but it had a beautiful view of a light house which sat on rocks out in the sea.

We visited St.Ives which we loved. Lots of lovely galleries and individual shops. We went on holiday with friends so while the husbands and children were on the beach myself and my friend had a great time shopping!

We had a very enjoyable day at the Eden project. It's amazing to think there's a rainforest in one of the domes complete with a waterfall.

They have enormous bees in this part of Cornwall!

I have been doing some sewing but haven't taken any photos yet, I'll be back soon to show what I've been upto.
Bye for now, Maria.


Amanda said...

It's not been the greatest year for holidaying in this country has it? But as long as you're prepared for it you can still have a great time. We loved St Ives too, and the Eden project, and I'd love to go back there. We're off to the Lake District on Saturday - wish us luck!

Abby and Stephanie said...

Such a relaxing looking holiday. I love the ocean--just not getting in it.

Jenny said...

We have holidayed in North Cornwall for the past 12 years or so, still love it, but the weather is usually mixed!

Gone to Earth said...

Beautiful looking place for a holiday. I've never visited Cornwall and if the bees are that big then I think I'll keep going North. :) Glad you had a good time.

Anonymous said...

Hia Maria, glad you enjoyed Newquay. I'm back blogging again and am starting to share the other New Quay next post. :-)

LOL I think our sons were cut from the same cloth. Mine doesn't seem to feel the cold as much as I do. I think holding the thermos wrapped in a blanket is good. LOL

Thanks for sharing it's been so long since I was there.


Hi, so nice to hear you had a good holiday in Cornwall recently. The beach where you can see the lighthouse is probably Godrevy. I am in St. Ives and regularly blog about that part of Cornwall, if you find you are missing a little bit of Cornwall pop over some time!

Best wishes


ps. I just thought you might like to know it's also the lighthouse that Virginia Wolfe writes about in "To The Lighthouse"

Simone de Klerk said...

Lovely to see these pictures! One of my sisters lives in Cornwall. Shame on me, I have never been there, even though she has lived there for more than 5 years now. She loves going for walks on the beach with her dogs!

Sherri said...

What beautiful photos...I'd love to visit over there someday!

Liz said...

Hope I NEVER see a bee like that in my garden :O