Tuesday 12 January 2010

Quilt blocks two by two.

Hi. Yet again it's been ages since I posted here. I had intended on posting before Christmas and I did get as far as starting to write a draft which I didn't finish. So instead of wasting it, here it is in all its unfinished glory.

  I wanted to fit in a final post (remember it's now January 12th) before Christmas, and thanks to a falling of the cold white stuff I've been able to include some seasonal looking photos. We don't see this much snow here very often. I've not been able to get the song "Walking in a winter wonderland" out of my head!
There's a heath and golf course in walking distance from our house but there's not been much golfing going on over the last few days, it's been replaced with lots of sledging. Luckily my attempts weren't caught on camera as the first two ended up with me falling off the sledge and ending up amongst the bushes . My son very sweetly said "she is just a beginner". I soon got the hang of it though.

This tree is in our front garden and it looks beautiful with it's red berries covered with snow.

So there you go, that's what it looked like around here before Christmas and we haven't got rid of the snow yet, in fact we've had even more. As the old ryhme says "Rain, Rain go away, come again another day", that's the way I feel about the white stuff but it can wait until next year before visiting again.

Onto my main reason for writing a blog, SEWING.
I was recently invited to join a quilting bee called Bee Europa. We are divided into two groups of 12 quilters, the Honey Bees and the Bumble Bees, I'm in the later. I rather like the idea of being a buzzy bumble bee!
 Tacha is organising the bee and volunteered to go first. She is planning to make her two little daughters quilts from the blocks. She gave suggestions for the type of blocks she would like and these are the two blocks I came up with from her fabrics...

I enjoyed working with someone elses choice of colour palette and fabrics. I use a lot of blue, green and pink but it made a change to team the blues with oranges and browns. There are some really cute fabrics  amongst Tacha's selection.
My month for sending out fabrics is May and I'm thinking of going for a Christmas theme, I hope the others won't mind sewing with christmas fabrics in the spring!

I've also made two quilt blocks for Simone who is making charity quilts. She sent fabrics and block instructions to a group of volunteers from across the globe, we then add our own choice of fabrics, complete the blocks and send them back to her in Holland where she will make two quilts for a boy and a girl. Here are my blocks.


(oops, out of focus photo).

I'm planning to start a new quilt tomorrow even though I have three others to finish but you know how it is sometimes you can't resist.

By for now, Maria.


Abby and Stephanie said...

Love the Bee blocks and the ones for Simone. Terrific quilts will be made from both. Wondering what your new project is...

Sal said...

Nice to see you back in blogland. I always love to see what you have been sewing! The quilting is fab!

Sarah said...

WOW all those blocks look fantastic!

Quilting group sounds like a great idea.

Sew Create It - Jane said...

I'm chanting snow snow go away this morning. None of our schools are shut...the roads aren't gritted...I so don't wanted to go out in it!! ;o(

Love the blocks you are working on..the fabrics are lovely and cheery...just the thing to brush the January blues away.

Amanda said...

I agree with you about the snow, I've had more than enough of it by now, especially as I've woken up to a whole load more of the stuff. Love the blocks, such cheerful fabric, just what you need in this weather. Keep warm.

Tacha said...

Just love the blocks you have made! And that tree is sooooo pretty with the red berries and the snow.

Anonymous said...

lovely blocks, we have snow too but not enough to settle today.

Jude said...

Very nice..looks like you've started 2010 running..good luck..
Can't wait to see you new quilt.Take care in the snow.

Rachel said...

I love the pic of the tree with the red berries! Great quilt blocks, as always! Look forward to seeing what your new quilt will look like.
Rachel xx

sewkalico said...

Lovely blokcs and snow photos!

sewcharlotte said...


I love you quilts, they are soo beautiful! i really like the fabric you used aswell


Pink Stitches said...

Loving the blocks for Bee Europa!
I've got my fabric just need to get going now.
Because your work is fab I've given you a Sunshine award at my blog. Pop on by to collect!! :o)

Anonymous said...
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maria said...
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Simone de Klerk said...

Lovely blocks for the Quilting Bee! And the blogs you made for the charity quilt turned out very pretty. Unfortunately they still haven't arrived all yet.
On the previous post I saw your christmas quilt. I remember that I think from last year. So pretty and happy!