Monday 3 October 2011

Picking a Palette

Lynne at Lily's Quilts posed the question "Interested in a dead simple QAL?" Well, yes I thought actually I am. The idea is to make a simple, quick easy quilt where the interesting thing is the palette rather than the pattern which is a squares design. Lynne suggests that you pick a colour palette perhaps from a site such as design seeds, or you make your own palette, and then make the quilt using your chosen palette.
 I've never seen a site like design seeds before, I'd recommend a look, it's fabulous if you love colour.

I've gone about it slightly differently. I found that I didn't have the fabrics for whichever palette I picked on design seeds, and I'm trying to use fabrics I already have not buy new ones! Whilst rummaging through my fabrics I found a half metre of an Amy Butler fabric from the Love range which has a beautiful palette of colours. Why come up with my own palette when Amy's already done the work?!

Luckily I found fabrics in my stash which matched the palette and I'm really pleased with how they look. Left to my own devices I wouldn't have put this selection together.
I've decided against the pink as although there is a small amount in the pattern I don't like it with the other fabrics.
I've been too impatient to wait for the tutorial on Lily's quilts so I've jumped the gun and started sewing my 5" inch squares together.

Bye for now, Maria.


Starry said...

I always find when I'm making something patchwork that I take out the pink. I can never make it work when there are not other pinks or reds in there it just looks out of place.

PS, love your strip cushion, might just be my next project!

StuffandThings said...

Your Dead Simple palette is great! That's how I made up my palette too, based on some Ty Pennington fabrics that I wanted to use.

Sarah said...

ow ow I really like that mix - good job!

Lynne (Lily's Quilts) said...

These look really good all sewn up together!

mennikelly said...

I love the palette you chose. I think it is one of my favorites that I've seen from the QAL.