Saturday 14 July 2012

Brit Quilt post 2. (mini star quilt)

I've made a few more star blocks for the Brit quilt swap.

I've really enjoyed making them. The biggest block is 8 inches and the smallest 3.5 inches. The idea for this mini is to have quite a lot of empty space i.e. the Kona ash and as the maximum size for the quilt is 24x24 inches I won't need to make too many stars.

I posted a progress photo on the group's flick page and asked for opinions as to whether to make any more blocks. I received some lovely comments and quite a few people suggested making a few more tiny ones. I've now made a teeny tiny star which measures just under two inches with an overall block size of 3.75 inches. They're actually fairly easy to make using the wonky star method. I'll do a few more teeny ones and another ones about the size of the star in the bottom left of the photo.

I wonder if the quilt being made for me has been shown on the site yet. There's some lovely ones being posted.

Bye for now, Maria

I'm linking this post to Fabric Tuesday on the Quilt Story blog.


Catherine said...

As I said on the flickr group, I really love these stars, love the fabric and the colours

Leslie said...

these are so gorgeous

Fran said...

Love what you're doing here!

Sarah said...

I love how you have mixed the colours.

DO do a post about how you do them wonky - I am intrigued!!!

Looking forward to seeing the whole quilt all together!

Anonymous said...

Just dropping by from the Fabric Tuesday link party.

I love how bright and colourful each star is. They really look like they are fun to make.

Amanda said...

Those look great. Love the fussy cut bird. Great colors.
Hopped over from fabric tuesday.

Alex said...

adorable stars! amazing work