Saturday 23 November 2013

One man and a Jigsaw

Last weekend I read a post by one of my Strip Bee buddies, Julie from Mack and Mabel, about a new flat bed sewing table she had just purchased. These are such a great idea as a set in sewing table helps prevent sore arms and shoulders when quilting as you can rest your arms on the table.

This set the seed of a thought in my mind that maybe I could get my husband to set my machine into my sewing table.

There's no going back now!

Or now!

Yay! My machine is now in place. It sits on a shelf under the table made from a panel left over from when the kitchen was fitted a few years ago, I'm glad it hadn't been languishing in the shed for all that time for nothing.

We may fit a piece of perspex in the gap round the machine instead of using the machine's plastic flatbed.
I have to lift it out to change the bobbin but that's no hardship.
We set the machine quite a long way, about 10 inches, so I can rest my forearms on the table.
The new position may get some getting used to but it should make quilting much easier.

I recently finished my Siblings Together Quilting Bee quilt. So for one last time here's some more photos of this quilt.

Fabric: S'more Love by Cosmo Cricket, kindly donated by Moda.
Wadding: Kindly donated by Lady Sew and Sew.

Backing: Type by Julia Rothman for Windham Fabrics, kindly donated by Sew Fresh Fabrics.



Catherine said...

Slightly envious of your fab sewing table - you are very lucky:-)

Fran said...

Great work!

Mack and Mabel said...

The new adaptation to your sewing table is looking really good !