Friday 28 March 2014

Friendship X and plus blocks: March.

The last Friday in March has arrived so it's time to show this months blocks for the Friendship X and plus swap.

This month I've gone with a slightly different fabric layout in some of the blocks with lighter fabrics for the X and coloured fabrics for the background .

I hope you like them dear swap partner, Jane.

A theme of friendship blocks seem appropriate for today's post.

As I've mentioned before, early last summer I put together a small online bee called the Strip Bees.
One of the group, Jen, makes beautiful draw string bags which she calls Pants Bags, so called because when she goes away she doesn't like putting her pants (knickers) straight into someone else's drawers so she keeps them in a pretty bag! Jen so kindly makes pants bags as gifts for friends and family and she so generously made one each for her online bee friends.
 Here's the beauty Jen recently made for me in a colour scheme I chose.

The back is beautiful too.

I don't think Jen will mind me mentioning this, but as I mentioned last time, the five members of the bee were today due to travel to Jen's home where she was so generously hosting a weekend  meet up where we were to hand over our completed quilt tops and have a fun weekend, but sadly whilst shopping for food for the meal she was to cook us Jen had an accident and is now in hospital.
I don't know if you'll be  reading blog posts for a while Jen, but I know I speak for all the bee members in saying,
" Get Well Soon and we can't wait to meet you when you're better".

Maria x


Fran said...

What cute blocks you've made this month! I hadn't noticed before the lovely ties used on the pants bag! Just relaxing in my sewing room, have pulled fabrics for a secret project.

Jane's Fabrics and Quilts said...

I LOVE the blocks! The different colored background is really fun. It will add a nice touch to our quilt. I love dots! Thank you for such fun blocks. I sure hope Jen gets better quickly. What a shame. Love the bag she made for you, pretty colors and fabrics.

Mack and Mabel said...

Lovely blocks! I hope Jen has got her Pants Bag with her in hospital!!