Wednesday 13 May 2015

Sewing for Boys

I really feel like I need to get my hands on some girly fabrics and do some pretty sewing!
 Apart from quilting a girl's Siblings Together quilt most of my sewing time over the last few months has been with more masculine fabrics.

I've completed three boy's Siblings Together quilts and I made my husband a quilt for Christmas.
For his work he goes to car racing meetings in the UK and Europe and he often sleeps in a motor home or tent so I decided he needed a quilt to keep him cosy. He was rather alarmed when I first suggested it as I think he imagined a flowery number but I assured him it would be manly!

I went for a St Louis Sixteen Patch in a variety of masculine fabrics. It's been put to good use during his last couple of trips but spends most of it's time all bunched up, hence the creases. Why do men have the inability to fold anything?!

Here's the pieced back looking more creased than the front.

My most recent boys quilt is another for Siblings Together. Mary, one of the members of the ST Bee asked on Instagram for people to send her Home Sweet Home blocks (from a tutorial by Jera of Quilting in the Rain), which herself and a couple of  friends would make into quilts for boys. She received a huge amount of blocks as well as binding, wadding and backing fabric from generous quilters from far and wide. So many in fact that she needed more volunteers to put them together......hence another boys quilt to add to my list.

One of my least favourite parts of quilt making is making the binding. Luckily for me it was donated, by whom I'm not sure, but whoever you are I'm very grateful!

 The blocks for this quilt were made by so many people yet they have all come together to be given to one child who will hopefully gain some comfort from it.

Back soon with some pretty sewing !


lalaluu said...

I LOVE the back of that 9-patch! Such fun creative piecing and use of scraps!!!

Susan said...

I was also going to comment about that stunning quilt back! AND all those HSTs!!!! You are a very generous girl Maria! I think you deserve to make yourself a girly quilt after these two wonderful finishes!

Gemini Jen NZ said...

Fantastic work! I love the pieced back of your quilt, such a complementary yet contrasting design from the front.

Catherine said...

They are both great quilts! I'll look forward to seeing the girly version:-)

Fran said...

Love the St Louis! Nice to see it, while I'm doing mine - which is very much the opposite!

Glinda ♥ said...

Great work, Maria. Think I spot one of my H2H blocks in your gorgeous Siblings Together quilt. Glad you got some help with the binding :)

Kim said...

My oh my your husband's quilt is gorgeous...front and back!! Great fabrics and colours.

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