Monday 7 July 2008

Please Say Hi!

To any readers of my blog - please say Hi! It's great to hear from anyone who may be taking a peak!

I don't have any crafting pictures to post today so have posted some pics of some work we did in our garden over the weekend.

We have lived in our house for about 18 months and are working our way through decorating and putting in a new bathroom and kitchen etc. We are also gradually re doing the garden.

Most of it is being left as lawn for my 6 year old to play on, we also have a vegetable area, an area where the green house will be (it's just a frame at the moment) and what will be a sitting and barbeque area with a raised flower bed which is half finished. It's this sitting area that we did at the weekend.

These show what a mess it was with lots of weeds, broken slabs and rubbish including an old wheel..

Above is the area partly cleared.

And here is how far we have got. There's still more to do but it's looking much better. ( The thing in the middle is a table).

Below is a beautiful poppy that self seeded itself in the middle of the glass-less green house. Its beauty was short lived, a few hours later and the flower was gone.


Unknown said...

hello!!! thanks for stopping by my blog. I spotted you're a fellow Tractor girl (I am exiled in blooming Yorkshire though)
Welcome to blogland!!!

pink-petal-designs said...

Hi, your garden is looking lovely, we just need some sun to go with it now. Thanks for the visit.
Sarah x

saraeden said...

hi there and a huge big welcome to the wonderful yet highly addictive world of blogging and thanks so much for visiting my blog !!

Sara x

Just Original said...

Hi Maria,

Just found you from my friend Sara @ All about Eden.

Your garden looks great, and I love the shape of your greenhouse.

Will pop back soon

Vanessa x